Sunday, September 26, 2010

Obsessed with Mariah Carey! ;)

My first F1 experience was a blast yesterday! I got to watch one of my favourite singers in the world, Mariah Carey!, perform live in front of a crowd of approximately 100,000!! =D Even though she has difficulty adapting to the hot and humid weather, she still managed to pull it off by singing her popular songs such as Obsessed, Touch your Body, Always be my Baby, I'll be there, One Sweet day, Hero and so on. Her voice is top notch as usual. One funny moment is when she fell gracefully to the floor due to her stilettos and the slippery floor! ;p So she had to sing barefooted for a while..hehe~ The only thing I notice that's different from her usual public self is that she's grown bigger than normal. Rumours said that she is a few months' pregnant~! That is probably why she has to take a short break between every one or two songs.:) But overall, I really really love her show! It's epic, phenomenal, and I hope I can get to watch her concert in the future AGAIN! =)
The epic opening of the concert!
Super MC fan's wearing an interesting t-shirt :)
Fly,Fly butterflies...~<3
The DIVA~! =)
Shake it off!
Duet song "One Sweet Day"
The last song she performed "Hero" is my favourite song out of all those she sang last nite. I can really feel and relate to it. =)) Here's a short clip of it.

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